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Fic: When You Find Me There [You'll Search No More]

Title: When You Find Me There [You'll Search No More]
Author: non_tiembo_mala
Artist: kelleigh
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Word count: ~17k
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. No profit is made with this and none of this is real.
Author's Note: Written for j2_reversebang. I can't thank kelleigh enough for agreeing to let me pinch hit for her. I loved her art when I first saw it back on claims day but choosing a top five was hard enough without trying to order them, too. I'm glad I got the chance to write for her amazing prompt. It was so much fun.

Beta'd by my besties gluedwithgold and dancing_adrift, without whom I would be so very lost and horrendously unproductive. Thanks for everything, loves.

Summary: When Jared unexpectedly finds himself in possession of a stolen jewel that belongs to the mysterious and powerful sorceress who lives in the woods behind his castle, he feels compelled to return the stone right away. The witch surprises him by offering to grant him one wish, and the last thing he expects is to fall in love.

| Part One | Part Two |


Link to Art Masterpost by kelleigh
Tags: j2, masterpost
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